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The Four Seasons …. They Just Keep Coming

The Seasons they just keep coming. As the Sun follows the Moon. Sunday precedes Monday Tuesday follows Monday. These are hard coded facts that is the way things have been for time’s current memory. So Mother Nature has its own Calendar. We know of the seasons that Follow one after another. Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter.   How things we won't them to be

What is a season? Well it is a subdivision of the year. Normally designated as Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter, or known as the Four Seasons ( and this is not the movie or the band). The divisions are noted by changes in weather, hours of daylight and ecology. However, Ecologists utilize a six season model in temperate climate regions adding pre-spring and late summer. In portions of the United States there are special seasons based on important events such as Hurricane season, Tornado season and Wildfire season.

You can find the precise times of the beginnings of each season through 2020. Please visit aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/EarthSeasons.php

However we never know exactly what the upcoming result(s) are. We do have educated projections, based on tons of data, history, prior experience, and have prestigious computing power. All this is an educated guess. Of course we have our own experiences. There is no membership required to be a part of the stage of weather.  Missing a Natural or  Man-Made episode can cost you, in dollars, emotional distress, heartaches, apprehension and worry!

In Spring we know that Tornado season in the Southern states runs typically from March to May. the Southern Plains from May to June. Gulf coast during the Spring. The Northern Plains, Northern states and upper Midwest peaking in June or July. Tornado’s are more common in the United States.  fake_ny_tornado

There are two regions with a disproportion high incidence are Florida and Tornado Alley, large amount because of the regular thunderstorms and many tropical storms and hurricanes that affect Florida.

In Summer to Fall we know that Hurricane Season will be our companion stalking us for 6 months. June 1st through November 30th. The early projections are in as of yesterday (April 10, 2013) and yes it will be an “Above Average” season. 18 Tropical Storms, 9 Hurricanes, 4 Major Hurricanes.

The researches at CSU (Colorado State University) predict that two factors. The Atlantic Ocean has warmed in recent months. El Nino will probably have no effect this summer and fall (2013). The researchers see the  possibility of a 72% chance that a major Hurricane will hit the U.S. coast this year which is compared to a historical average of 52%. Remember “Sandy”

Now, I can go throughout the lists of Natural Catostrophe’s like Flood, Wild Fire, Fire, Water/Floods, Lightning, Earthquakes, Hail & Winter Storms and G-d knows what else.

However, there are Major Point(s) to be made here. Natural disasters can frequently be predicted offering some limited time to prepare. But certain Natural Catastrophe’s like Tornadoes, Fire, Flood, and criminals strike without warning, making it essential to have in place well-planned responses to such events.

My recommendations, among them the following:  The_Thinker_Rodin-2

“Nothing Ever Goes According To Plan Then Reevaluate, Revise, Improvise,                               Adapt, Innovate and Change”                                                   

  • Meet with your insurance agent and read your policy, regularly review, update and review your coverage’s, types and amounts
  • Get yourself organized
  • Make sure you schedule important jewelry, art etc. with an inventory and appraisal
  • Do I have enough insurance to replace all of my possessions?
  • Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for your personal possessions for approximately 50 percent to 70 percent of the amount of insurance you have on the structure of your home.
    • Flooding and earthquake is not covered by standard homeowner’s policies.
    • Coverage for floods is available from the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program.  Look into this coverage.  NJ-damage-4--Supestorm-Sandy-jpg
    • Either hire a professional inventory service or at minimum contact us and we can direct you to other assets to protect your personal contents (contact page)*           
    • Pictures only will not give you the protection you require. Have descriptions, receipts and warranties in a written format.
    • Don’t claim deliberately  what you don’t own!
    • Hire a Professional  Home Sitting Service where someone checks the residence from top to bottom. Giving reports and pictures* and can address issues in a timely fashion.
    • Insurance Premium credits are available if your home is being visited by Professional  Home Sitting Service
    • Hire a Professional Inventory Specialist. If you had an inventory, and a disaster does happen, your initial claim can be quickly submitted within 24 – 36 hours … and the more information you provide the quicker you’ll receive compensation.
    • If you have full documentation including picture’s, receipts and warranties  you’ll  typically recover 20%+ more when settling an insurance claim. Don’t rush into a hasty  reimbursement.
    • Always seek ways to mitigate LOSS before it happens!

All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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