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Preparing is the Superglue of Life. It can repair just about anything …. Before it Happens!

Why is that we never perceive real reality. Could it be that we have given up on having face-to-face communications, the rules have changed now it’s texting and email.

It would be great to see the facial expressions and hear the sound of your voice and see the movement of your hands while conveying information. The interaction of person to person is a dying art. The art of writing in cursive is going to grave.

Can one tell if the picture is original or an Adobe production? Is what we see on TV or hear on the Radio? Are these mediums broadcasting? What they want us to see and hear or are they just addendums to the Reality of selling or not selling us. We have seen Natural and Man Made Catastrophe’s flashed in front of our eyes and us by images of death and destruction.

I read online comments about Preparing for Hurricanes. I see the damage, death and total frustration. In my local area and  I watched the floodwaters attack without any pity. Scratch my head. Of course I go online to see if there is a reason scientifically. There is none.

Maybe the hard facts please (maybe this might move you to action):

  • During the Atlantic hurricane season, every coastal state from Florida to Maine, from Texas to Florida could potentially be hit by a storm.
  • The details of hurricane deductibles are spelled out on the declarations page of homeowners policies. You need to read the detail
  • Nineteen states and the DOC have hurricane deductibles
  • From 1992 to 2011, hurricanes and tropical storms made up 42.0 percent of total catastrophe losses, followed by tornado losses (33.9 percent)
  • 70% out the ten most mostly costly hurricanes to hit the U.S. involved Florida
  • The U.S. experieces more Tornadoes than any other country in the world
  • “Severe U.S. thunderstorms, including tornado events, cost $14.9 billion in insured losses and $27.7 billion in economic losses in 2012, according to Munich Re”


    Preparing is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything ….                       Before it happens!

Preparation is proverbially thrown out of the window. The Natural Catastrophes we all know about. Hurricane … not Here … Tropical Storm … not here  … Tornadoes … not here … Wild Fire  …  not here … Earthquake… not here  … Floods  … not here… Surge  …not here … Windstorm  … not here.The_Thinker_Rodin-2

You want to what to buy what? And how many? And spend how much? You want to scare me with what … the changes in coverage or initiation of new coverage to buy more insurance, flood insurance, to watch TV scare tactics so that the advertisers can sell us more stuff that we don’t needBut the fact of the matter is that Florida is living on borrowed time we are on borrowed time. For that matter virtually all of us are in jeopardy to a degree.                                                            Just take a moment … THINK

The Man Made Catastrophes we all know about. These are threats having an element of human intent, error, negligence, or involving a failure of a man-made system. Theft … not here … Burglary … not here …  Fire … Broken Pipes … not here … Civil Disturbance … Terrorism … not here   … not here  … not here  …

Then, there are things that we should prepare for, but of course we don’t. We forget or just don’t want to acknowledge REALITY! These are not thought of … Estates, Probates, Wills, Divorce, and Bankruptcy.

Then there are the Insurance Companies who we know exist to make a profit and when selling us our services want to be our best friend. Try to collect when your HOA covers your residence for a Hurricane and then you find out that you don’t have Flood Coverage.

TV, Insurance Companies to name a few and raise our rates without the individual having ever filed a claim. If you haven’t learned by now, every time these predictions happen the insurance companies use them as a justification to raise your rates.

Don’t be placid, lazy. Don’t be like the ostrich and put your head in the ground and leave the rest of your body exposed.

You have worked all your entire life to acquire what you own. Why not protect it. There are so many scenario’s … possibilities in which you can be wiped out.

Do the following:

  • Review your insurance coverage’s, meet the agent in person in your home and ask questions
  • Review your Estate with your family members
  • Do a “Full Inventory” with pictures (multiplie shots), warranties, invoices utilizing a certified Professional Appraisal & Valuations Company
  • If you are a “Snowbird” find a dedicated Home Sitting provider, because your next neighbor is probably going to have the same problems. The first thing they are going to take care of  themselves.
  • “Nothing Ever Goes According To Plan Then Reevaluate, Revise, Improvise,                               Adapt, Innovate and Change”    
  • Think!  …… Act!
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